Palm Reading to Pick Up Women

February 2, 2007 at 3:53 pm (bars, dating, life, pick-up lines, pickup, romance, sex)

This is one of my favorites. It is extremely hokey but works amazingly well. Here is how it works.

You are sitting at a bar next to a girl you are interested in. Make sure she is not talking to friends, guys etc.
Me: So how are you doing tonite?
Girl: Fine, OK or what ever. (If she blows you off, don’t push it, just move on. You were just trying to be friendly)

Me: Is this the best time you ever had?

Girl: Laughs. This is what you are looking for. You want to break the ice. Again, if you are getting ignored, just move on. If she responds…

Me: My name is Derek. Offer to shake her hand. You want to create body contact. Make sure you get her name. Use it a lot when you talk to her. People like to hear their own name.

Me: So Gladys what do you do?

Girl: Receptions, hair stylist, sales person etc etc. It doesn’t matter. You are trying to get her to talk. (NOTE: if she says she is a mom and has kids, make sure you ask her if she has any pictures. This is usually a test. Most guys are turned off by kids. You aren’t. You embrace the fact that she has kids and want to find out more. Be complimentary of the pictures, especially if they are girls. “Wow, she is almost as pretty as her mother”, “she gets her looks from her mother”. “he looks like a handful”. Etc etc. )

Me: (find out about her job) “Do you like it?” Let her talk. The more she talks the better. She will be getting comfortable with you. Ask a lot of questions. Show interest. Try not to talk about yourself. People like people who are interested in them.
Me: Are you married?

Girl: No (now here comes the kicker)
Me: “Let me see your hand” and reach for her hand. If she resists, insist on it “LET ME SEE YOUR HAND”. Most will give you their hand. Study her palm. You are now holding her hand by the way. After a few minutes let her hand go and turn away from her like you aren’t interested anymore.

Girl: What?
Me: Never mind and act disinterested in her
Girl: WHAT? They will start pestering the hell out of you.

Me: Ok Gladys, let me see your hand again.
She will thrust out her hand demanding to know what you saw. She will also turn in towards you. Try to let her legs touch yours. You are trying to create intimacy.

Me: (most hands have 3 major lines) See this line across the top. This is your mind. See how deep it is. It means you think a lot. Its very strong so that tells me you can be a little stubborn. You are used to getting your own way and once your mind is made up there is very little that can change it. Is that right? (let her talk).

Me: see this line, this is your life line. (If its long and has no breaks) You will have a strong steady life. This hand only shows about 3 months. You other hand is 5 years. (if there are breaks in the line) See these breaks? Something is going to happen to you at each one. Maybe you meet someone new, maybe you get a new job, these are major events. Do you have anything coming up like a vacation or something? (Let her talk).

Me: This center line is your heart. See how deep it is? You have a very strong heart. Its as strong as your mind. You give all of yourself when you are in love. Now see these breaks, this is everytime your heart is broken or hurt. (if there is a fork) See this. This means you met someone or are considering someone else. (lines crossing the heart line) This was someone whose life crossed yours that will have a major impact. Have you recently met anyone? (Let her talk. If she says no, say”you will”. She will start to wonder if you are that person)

Look for small lines on the side of the palm. “See these lines, these are problems. You have a lot of problems you are trying to work out” Everybody has problems. Let her talk.

Make sure you throw in the following somewhere.
“You really like someone but either they don’t know or don’t show it. You are afraid to tell them because they might not feel the same way about you. Is that true? Why would someone as pretty as you be worried?

“All your friends bring their problems to you. You try to help them out but it seems like there is no one to listen to your problems. No one seems to understand you. Is that true?”

“There is a guy who really likes you but you don’t feel the same. It would be fine to have him as a friend but you can tell he wants more. You don’t want to hurt his feelings but he is not really for you. Is that true?”

Another one is to push their fingers together and look for gaps. If there are, say “Money seems to flow right through your hands. You are very generous, but you never seem to have enough money. Is that true?” Nobody has enough money.

When you are finished, they will almost always thrust their other hand at you to complete the long term reading. You can take a break here and try to get her to dance or you can continue on. What ever the case, you are monopolizing her time and she is “with you”. She feels comfortable with you and is telling you all about her life. No other guy she has met is that interested in her. You are scoring major, major points.

Occasionally when you are finished, she will bring her friends over to meet you and get a reading. Don’t do it. You will get a disconnect with the girl. You will have plenty of time to scam on her friends in the future. “I’ll do this some other time. For now I just want to get to know you. Would you like to dance?”

If you do start reading the friends palm, you will lose both of them. The 2nd girl wont try to move in on her friend, and the first girl will either get jealous or just lose interest. I have had several girls crowd around me and want me to read their palms. Its amazing.

Your goal was to meet a girl, establish a rapport and physical contact. Palm reading does that.



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    very good! Without boring “real” palmreading!

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