Carleton Sheets of Dating

February 2, 2007 at 4:03 pm (bars, dating, life, pick-up lines, pickup, romance, sex)

Carleton Sheets of Dating


Every so often I buy one of these how to date courses. I figure the more you know, the better you off you are. I do the same thing with sales courses. I am already make my living as a salesman and the best salesmen tell stories. So why would I do this?


There were two lumberjacks who were in a competition to see who could fell a giant readwood tree the fastest. The bell rang to start the competition and the first lumberjack went to the tree with his ax and started hacking away. The 2nd lumberjack disappeared and was gone for half an hour. When he showed back up, his friend asked him where he had gone. He had lost a half an hour of chopping and was very far behind. His reply? I went to sharpen my ax.


If you are in any kind of professional business, you need to keep your ax sharp. Doctors spend hours and hours reading medical books and magazines long after they have graduated. Lawyers and accountants take classes so they are up on the latest changes in the law or tax code. If you want to get good at picking up women, you have to keep the ax sharp. Just going to a bar and trying the same old lines and getting rejected isn’t going to help you any. It will just get frustrating and pretty soon you’ll end up with a woman you can’t stand who you will eventually give divorce and end up buying her and her lawyer a house and car.


There is a better way. That’s to date the kind of women you really are attracted to. You may get so good at it that you decide it’s a lot better to keep dating and never get married. Dating is the fun part. That’s the hunt. In the beginning of a relationship everything is new and exciting. Its only after a few months that it seems to get boring and stale and you find yourself surfing Internet porn again.


I stumbled across this book “Get in the Pants” supposedly written by a woman. Its more of a course than a book. There are even audio clips that go along with the package. Reminds me of a Carleton Sheets real estate course.


They load you up with so much information, you can’t help but buy it. It would take you hours to wade through it all. The fact is, most of it is very very good. If you do the things suggested, you will get laid. Pay close attention. There is more going on here than a couple of spiffy lines. The author talks a lot about what women are thinking.


Now there is no way in hell I can tell you if what she say’s women are thinking is actually what they are thinking. I’m a guy. I gave up trying to understand women a long time ago. I developed a few tricks, mostly through trial and error that work better than 60% of the time, but for me, it works pretty much the same way I run computers. I don’t know why they work, I only know if I type something in this box, the computer does what I expect it to do. Women are the same kind of mystery to me.


I get a lot of comments from guys saying “who can remember all that bullshit?”. I know immediately that these are guys who don’t get laid nearly as much as I do. Why? They are sloppy and lazy. Think about anything you do in life successfully. You had to take the time to learn it and practice it. It didn’t happen by accident. Maybe I should put it in a scenario guys understand. Do you think the Patriots got to the Superbowl by accident? Do you think if 30 guys just showed up at the stadium and had not practiced their drills over and over again that they would have a chance?


Dating is the same way. Check out the website at


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